Why Rent? Own Your Top Box Set

Annually cable and satellite subscribers pay companies like Comcast and AT&T over $20 billion to rent a "set-top box". That's about $231 annually from each customer. Over several years that's thousands of dollars for a device you don't get to keep. On top of that, the companies who own these set-top boxes get to pick and choose what content you can watch on that device.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering a proposal that would allow people to actually purchase their own set-top box. Not only would it save families over $200 a year by not having to pay rental fees, but it would present opportunities for diverse voices to create video content that can be watched on a TV by anyone with a set-top box.

Sign the petition to tell the FCC to unlock the box and save customers millions a year.
Dear FCC,

American consumers pay an average of $231 per year to rent a set top box from the cable monopolies. This hurts competition, limits consumer choice, and lifts up cable profits.

Consumers should have the power to choose their own device.  Competition will lowers prices and increase access to new streaming content and diverse voices.

Cable companies shouldn't be able to block what consumers see on their TV. We urge the FCC to Unlock The Box.


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