Take a Stand Against Racially Biased Surveillance

surveillance-icon-500px.gifSurveillance of black and brown communities is part of a failed system of policing that has taken lives and destroyed communities. At the heart of this violence is an ever expanding police state fueled by high-tech racial bias.

Police have already killed more than 140 black people in 2016. Instead of showing leadership to end this violence, law enforcement agencies are intensifying high-tech surveillance fueled by racial bias -- and Congress and the White House are funding it.

Military grade devices like body-worn police cameras, cell phone interceptors, and drones, among others, are being introduced to our communities without our knowledge or consent. Law enforcement agencies and the courts are increasingly relying on racially biased predictive policing algorithms and high-tech racial profiling that turn racially segregated and impoverished communities into open air prisons.

We are part of a growing movement to stop this. Join the Center for Media Justice and members of the Media Action Grassroots Network as we Take a Stand Against Racially Biased Surveillance. 


Together we pledge to:

  1. Protect our right to connect and communicate

  2. Fight to restrain, dismantle and abolish high-tech racial profiling and policing

  3. Seek new approaches to safety that do not rely on the police state

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Will you sign?