Open Internet


We want Title II network neutrality rules that prevent pay-to-play Internet discrimination and keep the Internet open, no matter how you access the web.


Net Neutrality is a Civil Right / Team: Generation Justice, Media Mobilizing Project, Free Press


The Net Neutrality rules we fought so hard for are under attack! Some members of Congress are attempting to sneak 3 bad provisions against Net Neutrality as part of an appropriations bill that Congress will soon vote on. These provisions would overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules and leave us unprotected. Help us spread the word of this sneak attack by sending a letter to your local newspaper explaining why Net Neutrality must be protected and why these provisions must come out!

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Bay Area Speaks: A Hearing on the Future of the Internet

When it comes to the Internet, Californians are pioneers. The Bay Area has been very vocal in the national fight for Net Neutrality, and there's a reason: The open Internet is why so many trailblazing new artists, technologies and businesses were born in this state. On Nov. 20, concerned Internet users and a coalition of advocacy organizations are gathering at San Francisco City Hall to hold a people's hearing on the future of the Internet. Join us and organizations including, Common Cause, Demand Progress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Press, and the Media Alliance as the diverse communities of the Bay Area speak out and join local leaders, policy experts, technologists, and elected officials to testify at City Hall about why the future of the Internet matters to us.

Sign on to our Mobile Users Bill of Rights

This Campaign aims to ensure consumer protections on cell phones and wireless devices through state and local mapping, policy reforms, a dedicated local-to-local strategy to collect, popularize and share stories and complaints from community members who are most affected by wireless policy inequities.