Tell the NYPD: Support community solutions not false solutions

Dear New York Police Department,

The NYPD’s current process for public comments on your new body worn camera policy is a false process to support a false solution.

The process for public comments lacks transparency and accountability. Currently, there is no independent oversight of the process. The public is not guaranteed access to a summary of the comments before they are given to the department, nor is the department held accountable for incorporating feedback.

Even if the process was different, the proposed policy is problematic in these ways:

  • It allows officers to view footage of incidents before making any official statement, even in incidents when the officer used deadly force.
  • It does not provide complainants access to the footage relevant to their complaint.
  • There are no safeguards against cameras becoming a tool for surveillance, such as limits on the use of biometric technologies like facial recognition software.

We encourage the NYPD to develop a comments process that allows the public to have a fair voice and ensures the department is held accountable for incorporating public feedback.



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