Media Ownership

Support LPFM Community Radio


We want fully funded and community-owned media that support democratic engagement, connect local communities, and strengthen local economies.


Thanks to the Local Community Radio Act thousands of new radio stations may hit the airwaves very soon. Members of the Media Action Grassroots Network like Under the Hood Cafe, Waite House, and Peoples Press Project are working to build radio stations to fight racist stereotypes and create media more reflective of the communities they live in. Find out how you can support local radio, where-ever you live.


Learn about the Birth of Community Broadband

ILSR is excited to announce a new short video examining an impressive municipal broadband network, Glasgow Kentucky. Glasgow was the first municipal broadband network and seems to be the first citywide broadband system in the United States. This can serve as a model for other communities working on building out broadband systems. Please watch and share this video!