Malkia Cyril's Birthday Pledge

There's no doubt about it. We're only 100 days into Trump's Administration and we're already seeing our hard-fought digital rights taken away from us. But we won't let them get away with this. We're committed to challenging them at every step.

That's why, this year, I'm pledging my birthday and asking my loved ones to chip in to help fight for real change. I'm hoping you will pledge yours.

If your birthday is coming up any time in the next six months, we can help you send out an email asking your community to chip in to support the fight for voice and dignity in a digital age. Just provide your birthday in the Comments field, and a good way for us to get in touch with you, and we'll make it happen.

On my birthday -- your support and love are the greatest gifts.

In gratitude,

Malkia Cyril

Executive Director, Center for Media Justice

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