Say No to LAPD's Drone Pilot Program

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) wants to add a drone to its already militarized police arsenal.

Right now, the Los Angeles Police Commission is considering a proposal that would allow LAPD to operate a Drone as part of a 1-year pilot program. Despite a lack of public support for this pilot program, the police commission plans to move forward on a vote for this proposal by the third week October. The police commission is currently accepting public comments until October 16th.

Sign this petition to the LA Police Commission urging them to vote NO.

Dear Los Angeles Police Commission,

I’m writing to urge you to vote no on the LAPD’s proposal to use a drone.

Angelenos have continued to vehemently reject the use of Drones by law enforcement. On Thursday September 28th, the LA Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission passed a motion demanding the Sheriff’s Department permanently ground the use of its Drone. LAPD has held four community meetings to “seek community feedback.” At each of the four community meetings the overwhelming response was NO to LAPD’s Drone use. People voiced strong distrust of LAPD, concerns about mission creep, and a history of trauma and violence at the hands of LAPD.

The use of Drones by the LAPD signifies a giant step toward the escalating militarization of local law enforcement further normalizing continued violations of human rights in our communities.

As a police commission appointed by the Mayor, you are tasked with representing the community’s voice. In that regard the community agrees: #NoDronesLA. Please vote NO on this proposal.


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