High-Tech Surveillance


We envision a world where digital platforms and technologies are free of indiscriminate surveillance and racial profiling.


Dot Rights / Team: Million Hoodies, Black Alliance for Just Immigration


The Center for Media Justice partnered with an amazing coalition of civil rights and media reform groups from across the country to develop a set of civil rights principles for the era of big data. Building off that ground-breaking work, our partners at the Internet Policy firm Robinson & Yu wrote a stunning report that clarifies why now, more than ever, digital privacy is a civil rights issue. Read the principles and the report, then join the campaign to stop unfair digital policing and racial profiling.

Across the country, local police departments and city governments are collecting large amounts of personal data using biometrics scans, license plate readers, facial recognition software and more to do what amounts to a virtual stop and frisk. This dragnet approach to policing places communities of color and poor communities at risk, violates constitutional and human rights, and decreases the accountability of already broken law enforcement agencies. Together, we can raise a powerful collective voice to end the harmful practice of digital surveillance in local communities.

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Tell the Department of Justice: Show Us Your Data

In order to protect vulnerable communities from unfair and harmful digital practices, we are advocating for the USDOJ to make public their predictive policing studies and reveal how information is being collected, shared and used, as well as related demographic statistics to demonstrate the rate at which various racial and ethnic groups are being targeted. Sign the petition today!