Hold Facebook Accountable: Demand a Civil Rights Audit That's Independent, Public, Actionable and Fair

Facebook hasn't been honest with us. Whether it’s shady deals with corporations like Cambridge Analytica, the censorship of Black activists' voices, ICE using its data to round up undocumented community members, or allowing anti Black and Islamophobic hate speech to fester on their platform—Facebook has consistently prioritized profit over the safety and privacy of millions of Americans.Facebook's Audit Must be Transparent and Fair

Facebook's failures have continued to put our communities at risk. We can’t count on them to be truthful about the issues their platform is having or to take concrete steps to fix the issues. That’s why, last year, we joined Muslim Advocates and Color of Change to demand Facebook conduct an independent civil rights and safety audit and publicly disclose the results.

They've now taken the first step by agreeing to the audit.

But the devil is in the details. We must make sure this civil rights audit isn’t lip service from Facebook, and that it truly centers people of color and other impacted communities. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg have promised time and time again to make their platform hospitable to historically marginalized communities with nothing to show for it.

Join us in demanding an independent, public, actionable, and fair civil rights audit of Facebook platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg,

Facebook hosts more than 2 billion users, aspiring to create community, and connect friends and causes. These aspirations sit in stark contrast to the experiences of communities of color, muslims, and undocumented people who are censored, harassed without repercussion, and surveilled by law enforcement on your platform.

While recent leaks and news reports have revealed some of the ways in which Facebook has violated the rights of millions of Americans, Facebook has historically evaded requests from civil rights and racial justice groups for full transparency and disclosure regarding their practices. 

Which is why we're encouraged by the news that you've finally agreed to engage in a civil rights audit. But we demand that you as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer ensure that this audit centers the experiences of communities of color - and that it is independent, public, actionable, and fair. This is the next step to rebuilding trust and taking concrete action towards developing a safer platform.

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