Tell Prison Phone Corporations: Drop the Lawsuits!

Tell Global Tel Link, Securus, and Telmate: Drop the lawsuits and stop blocking affordable phone calls for families and their incarcerated loved ones.

After years of pressure from families of the incarcerated and activists, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to put caps on expensive phone call rates in prisons and jails. Greedy prison phone companies argued the new rates were too low and made it impossible for them to turn the gross profits they have come to expect.

In August, the FCC responded to the legal pressure and increased rates. These new rates are set to go into effect this December 12th for prisons and March 13th, 2017 for jails. But the companies have sued the FCC again to stall the rates. Right now we're waiting for the courts to decide whether they will prevent these new rates from going into effect while the lawsuit against the FCC is still pending.


Dear Global Tel Link, Securus and Telmate:

We demand that you drop your lawsuits against the Federal Communications Commission and allow the new prison telephone rates to go into effect without delay.

Increasing phone call rates in prisons and jails would prevent vulnerable, low-income families from staying connected with their incarcerated loved ones. In the United States, there are 2.7 million children with an incarcerated parent and they deserve to speak with their mothers and fathers on the phone.

Your argument that the Federal Communications Commission's new phone rate caps are unprofitable is unfounded. Jails and prisons that have adopted low phone rates experience an increase in call volumes, ensuring profits for phone companies.

No more stalling tactics! Drop the lawsuits today!

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