FCC: Thank you for voting for prison phone justice and stay strong.

In response to a decade of organizing, in October of 2015, the Federal Communications Commission reined in the multi-billion dollar prison phone racket, bringing relief to families of the incarcerated struggling to connect with loved ones. The FCC capped the rates of all calls, but the prison profiteers are trying to stop the rules from going into effect. 

Until the rules are implemented, Ms. Lillian Tillman, will continue to have to pay a whopping 25 cents minute to call her son, who is incarcerated in Texas, 7 hours from her home of New Orleans. “We talk about school, family and his release - he keeps me going,” she says. 

In October, Ms. Tillman travelled with other family members of the incarcerated, to Washington DC to urge the FCC to do the right thing. Commissioner Clyburn took on this issue personally, and together with Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Rosenworcel, voted 3-2 to end the price gouging. Since the vote, the prison telephone companies have been fighting back – attacking the FCC and preparing to block implementation of the rules.

Send a message to the FCC – thanking them for their courage and telling them to stay strong.

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